Service Information

Sunday Service Information

Bible Teaching

Bible teaching is the main focus of our Sunday morning service, we want to hear what God has to say to us on a weekly basis. We are moving towards a structured approach on studying the bible, working through books and following a series. The bible teaching lasts between 20-35 mins. We normally use the NIV translation of the bible and sometimes the sermon outline is shown on the screen. We project the main bible reading on the screen at the front.

Sung Worship

We love to sing praises to God at UEBC Kirkby Stephen however there is no pressure to join in singing. We usually stand to sing although there is on obligation to do so, we are very relaxed. We regularly have the piano but we also use the guitar and videos on the screen to accompany singing. We sing a mixture of old and new hymns and songs and they are all designed to point us towards the glory of God, following the theme of the service. All hymns and songs are projected on the screen under CCLI 64878. There are Mission Praise Hymn books available for those who prefer.


We love children and they are more than welcome in our services. They are valued as important as adults to us at UEBC Kirkby Stephen. We do not worry about noise or disruption however if you feel uncomfortable you can take them through to the back room where there are usually some spare toys located. Twice a month, 1st and 3rd Sunday, we have junior church for the children where they are taken by capable, CRB checked, church members to the upper room to have their own time of learning in a child-friendly way, adults can join if they wish. For those who are staying in church there are some worksheets, colouring sheets and felt tip pens at the back near the piano to keep the children occupied if they want. Alternatively, feel free to bring in the child’s favourite toys or a collection of toys, we find this works well so that you can focus on what is said at the front.

Money Offerings

We do not take up a collection during the service. However, for those who want to express worship to God in this way, there are freewill offering bags located at the rear of the church. For more regular attendees we can set up direct debits and organise gift aid if required.


We always serve tea, coffee, juice, biscuits and sometimes cake, in the other room after our church service. It is free and everyone is invited to stay and chat. We feel it is really important to talk and get to know each other well, helping each other through daily life, being genuine friends and supporting each other.

Visitors and Holiday Makers

Kirkby Stephen and the Eden Valley is a popular tourist destination especially through the summer and bank holiday weekends throughout the year. If you are here on holiday you are more than welcome to come and join with us, we’d love to meet you and hear about your home church, you’ll also be invited to sign our visitors book. Feel free to visit our church, come and sit in the back and observe, there is no pressure to make commitments, just come and enjoy your time with us at UEBC Kirkby Stephen.