Harvest Celebration


This year we will be giving an opportunity for people to bring food donations to support Upper Eden Food Bank. Harvest time gives us a more focused opportunity to thank God for his abundant provision. For some though, they are struggling to experience God’s abundance due to unemployment, sickness, redundancy or a change in their benefits and many other reasons. We get the privilege of sharing the love of God by donating different food gifts to the Food Bank who are in contact with the various agencies who monitor the needs of the people.

The shopping list: Tea Bags/Instant Coffee (Med),  Milk (Full fat or semi-skimmed UHT),  Pasta sauces (jars or sachets),  Fruit juice (1 litre carton UHT),  Biscuits or snack barsTinned meat or fishCereals (Med size boxes),  Tinned fruit or vegetablesSoup (Tinned, No Cuppa Soup),  Instant mash potatoRice pudding or sponge pudding (Tinned),  SugarJamPasta (Medium bags of dried pasta. No sachets of Pasta & sauce mixes).

Thank you.